A New Addition to Our Family!

July 24th, 2016 we welcomed a new life into our family. His name is Minjar because he was born on the first day of the IMG_20160724_144321413Minjar Festival in Chamba, and he is a beautiful white and brown calf. Nitin & Vinayak went down to the barn every 4 hours through out the night to check on the Mum cow.  It wasn’t until mid morning that Mrs. Dhami came to us with the good news, “We have a baby bull”.  Here are some of the first photos of this miracle of life and some of our guests that where lucky enough to be here at the time of this event.




One thought on “A New Addition to Our Family!”

  1. Oh my so lovely. You can see mum s keeping an intense watch over her off spring! He looks like he could be “show material”!


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